Jobs Available.

With Covid-19 is affecting everyone, we understand that YOUTH still need to save for next year's tuition, housing and more. We have some opportunities for extra income that may be of interest to you. Please review below and contact us right away if you feel this could be a project for you.

Sample Works to receive $300.00 stipend

1) Written Story

• 800-1200 words

• Photos, art or video must accompany your story

Possible Topics - Your summer adventures, interviews, local news, local history, Elders/Seniors, crafts, art, cooking, hunting, fishing, outstanding citizen, community leader, youth leaders.

2) Short Video

• 2-3 minutes edited

• Music must accompany your story to set tone of video, please get permission and have your subjects sign the media release form Here

Possible Topics - Interview family members, interviews for local news, Promote your local history, Elders/Seniors, How to Videos: (crafts, art, cooking, hunting, fishing), let us meet an outstanding citizen, community leader, or youth leaders.

3) Song

• 50-100 lyric words

• Photos, art or video must accompany your song

Songs must be origional and not re-makes and you must agree to share on our website. Music can be digital, instrument driven, hip hop, rock or any genre you feel. Lyrics must be written out and submitted with your release.

4) Podcast

• 800-1200 words

• Photos, art or video must accompany your story

Possible Topics - Your summer adventures, interviews, local news, local history, Elders/Seniors, crafts, art, cooking, hunting, fishing, outstanding citizen, community leader, youth leaders.

5) LiveStream  - https://obsproject.com/

• Schedule time and let us know what the topic will be so we can assist with promotion.

Record your livestream and submit

• Photos, art or video must accompany your story

Possible Topics - Your summer adventures, interviews, local news, local history, Elders/Seniors, crafts, art, cooking, hunting, fishing, outstanding citizen, community leader, youth leaders.

More Than Words
StoryFest Creators
Mission Impossible

Your Mission, if you so choose, is to write, film, make song/lyrics, podcasts, or any unique mixed media projects for Shakat Journal Online.

This is a covid-19 friendly initiative and we want all participants safe and follow social distancing practices recommended by the Yukon Medical Officer of Health.

Each participant will be assigned to a Senior Student Editor who will assist you with completing your story, they will make final suggestions to support your creative works, and will be responsible for releasing and publishing your product online at which time you will receive a stipend amount of $300.00.


Each student participant will have an option to complete up to 10 (ten) creative projects to a total and maximum amount of $3000.00. If you only finish eight (8) approved creative products you will receive $2400.00, Three (3) approved products $900.00 and so forth. Please remember we will not take products after September 15th and all products you submit should allow ample time for the Senior Student Editors to finalize.

All participants must have access to the internet at various times to take part in this project.


  1. You will need to upload your work in progress for the Student Senior Editors review and offer suggestions assisting the development of your product.

  2. Make yourself available for online Zoom workshop/meetings to assist you with website/project orientation and to meet/schedule time with Senior Student Editors to approve and publish your creative product.

  3. Participants will be paid for approved products via e-transfer only. If participants do not have a bank account, please arrange to use a family member's or friend's account to receive your funding.

  4. All participants are required to complete a short report after each project before receiving an e-transfer of $300.00


Welcome to


More Than Words
StoryFest Creators

Please read before you apply.

Students aged under 18 years must have a Parent or Guardian approve participation and arrange to receive an e-transfer stipend of $300.00 after each approve product from the Senior Student Editor. Parents and Guardians should also take part in any Zoom online meetings that happen periodically throughout the event. Zoom meetings are designed for workshops, general discussions and private constructive advise.


Zoom meeting may have sponsors, ShakatMedia Members, Educators and Youth Of Today Society Board Members in attendance at any time.



  • Heading back to school, college or university next year

  • If under 18 years of age, have arrangement for e-transfer

  • Must be between the age of 15 -23 years old

  • Willing to interview people safely in your community

  • Willing to take an online or on-site workshop

  • Willing to be paid upon completion of final edited assignment approved by Senior Student Editor

  • Have some creativity skills in writing, photography and video

  • Record, Listen, and film (from tri-pod) all stories

  • Willing to do background research of subject

  • Willing to write a complimentary story to photo or video

  • Have a slight understanding of editing video, sound and photographs.

  • Willing to take direction from Senior Student Editor

  • Willing to have all film participants sign a video release form located here.

  • Willing to publish on ShakatMedia's Website and Social Media channels only for 3 weeks and thereafter share links to personal sites after publishing on Shakatmedia's website.

  • Willing to complete a short report after each submission


More Than Words Application Form

Are you returning to school?
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Authorized Signature

Earn up to $3000.00

This Summer

Project Details
The concept of this summer employment project is to firstly employ youth for the summer and have 3 Senior Student Editors (SSE) who will work with up to 8 Undergraduate Student Writers (USW) each, from 14 Yukon communities. Orientation and youth support will be administered via zoom meetings or have on-site visits with no more than 5 youth in attendance at one time.


Each Senior Student Editor (SSE), will work with a number of assigned Undergraduate Student Writers (USW) who will provide creative content for an online publication. Creative or educational content can be refined from discussions among the group and/or be distributed as an assignment defined by stakeholders of the project.

The following are samples that may be distributed by stakeholders from communities. Or if a student likes the suggestions below to go a head and follow through for your story submission and $300.00

1) A profile of a community leader - community leaders can be defined as outstanding achievers of any age from youth to elders or seniors. Profiling community leaders informs students of activities, past and present, that their subject has accomplished to raise their status. Understanding the dedication and tasks a leader must commit themselves to in order to accomplish their goals.

2) Heritage site of a community - most communities have a heritage branch with employees who have a vast knowledge of their local area. Heritage sites are often visited by tourist, a student assignment may be to write a documented account of a heritage site with interviews from experts and indigenous elders.

3) Environment - Every community has a vital connection with environmental impacts that reflect industry and culture. There are experts willing to inspire young students through interviews and meetings.

4) Lands Management - Management of our natural resources is essential to our mining industries, building communities and defining future property assessments for development.

5) Wildlife Management - Wildlife management is essential to those who live on the land, hunt, trap, or depend on wildlife as an essential part of livelihood.

6) Adventure/Discovery - Students can express themselves by hiking or discovering something unique about their community and write or film their adventure.

7) Creative Story - Fiction story or film project for self reflection that is inspired by their unique community

8) Tourism Project - Students may want to highlight an area for tourist to visit, this project could be about a camp ground and what it has to offer visitors in the future.

9) Interview an elder or senior - This project will connect youth to the people and history of their community.

10) Self-reflective story - This story will be a final project to understand youth aspirations and dreams for their future.

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