10 Great ShakatMedia tasks and activities you can do during isolation.

1) Write a Story for the Shakat Journal

Shakat Journal is always seeking volunteers to write stories for our online magazine. There are times when we are able to pay for these positions as well. We are working toward gathering sponsors to assist with this process and we soon hope to be posting assignments online so that youth can have a supplementary income during the pandemic. If there are any corporate takers out there to sponsor youth, they can contact us here on our website or join our classifieds site and purchase a membership.

For those who want to try and write for shits and giggles; and without sponsorship, please join in, sign up at ShakatMedia and we will set you up with permissions to be a contributor. There is a ton of self satisfying rewards to be gained when you write and share positive reflections; our favorite is connection and honoring the people who make a difference in our communities. There's never enough recognition for the people who make positive change.

2) Try our New Shakat Classifieds Site and Earn Some Cash by selling your unwanted goods

Youth Of Today Society started a Facebook buy and sell many years named ; Whitehorse buy and sell - and now has just over 22k members. Facebook has quite a few rules that will not let Yukoners be Yukoners and sell hunting gear or pets, furs or other Yukon things that we naturally sell as a culture. We have found a work around for these items so that you can now post these forbidden items. Simply post in our new site and share the link into your favorite Facebook buy and sell location for added recognition. Facebook only recognizes the link and not the listed items with the forbidden words.

3) Schedule a visit to Youth Of Today Society

We have a small lending library of 5 cameras that can assist you with creating videos for our magazine. The cameras can be borrowed for 24 hours; so that you can create a video for podcasts, or make a video story, and interviews. We have links to free editing software to edit your video online, then post it here in the Online Magazine. The cameras are a fun activity and easy to use. Try this site out and scroll to the bottom of the page and you'll find a download link to edit your videos free. https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/ca/products/davinciresolve/

4) Check out our job listing site to take on paid assignments.

Use the job posting to let people know you are available to work. For those students who need summer employment, it may not be the perfect job you find, but it may be a secondary income to bide your time. ShakatMedia may not have a lot of opportunity for you to work, but we are encourage other businesses to post opportunities for students who need work. As well businesses are welcome to sign up to let people know they are an active Covid-19 business that we can support.

5) Try out some cool design sites;

start creating and add your designs to your personal or business social media pages. Canva is at the top of our list to date and we've used it several times to teach with our workshops and use it for or not so design savvy staff. It offers great quality and is super easy to use.

- https://www.canva.com/pricing/

6) Assist Elders and Seniors to complete odd jobs for them.

Elders and Senior usually welcome youth to assist them with raking the yard, painting their fences, cleaning their yards, moving heavy objects, gardening chores, washing their vehicles, getting groceries. If you find yourself with out a summer job because of the pandemic, this maybe an alternative. Don't depend on the government to bail us out of everything, allow your compassion to pay your way. Some of you talented youth can teach your Elders and Seniors how to use technology. Helping Elders keep connected with their families is essential, please help them when you can.

7) Brush up on your photography skills

Photography is an exciting way to get out and enjoy the wilderness, it keeps you mentally and physically fit and allows you to express yourself in a positive way. There are so may trails and old roads to discover, try them out and make an adventure out of it. There's no reason to stay inside, this is the Yukon after all.

8) Take up fishing - grab your fishing license online,

Borrow a rod and tackle if you have to; try it out, you may find this to be a sport you never thought you would do. The ice will soon be gone, the rivers will be flowing, and the fish will be jumping and fresh to eat if you're lucky enough to catch one. Now the best way to eat fish is over the fire and seasoned with salt and pepper with a slight smudge of lemon juice.

9) Volunteer to make our community stronger

There is no doubt that all communities are hurting from this dramatic change. Some of us may have a bit more time on their hand and others may be working twice as hard to keep their business afloat, keep their employees hired, or busy educating their children. They say it's going to be ok, but in reality this will change everyone's life forever. We will all need to make adjustments in our so called normal life, and what better thing can we do than to help others in this time of need. The positive effects of this devastating plague may be the opportunity to volunteer, this is the time, this is the moment that will make you feel great, and feel as if you are making a difference. You will be making a difference, trust me. So contact organizations, the foodbank, animal shelters, Seniors and Elders, post your name out there for them to contact you.

10) We would love to have businesses to sign up and let us know that you are currently active and open.

We know groceries stores and essential businesses are open. Currently there is no hub where we can see all other businesses that need support during this time. If you are a Yukon business, we want you to list with us, let us know you're open and link yourself back to your own website. We understand the site is new and not many people are active, but we hope that will change in time. For now, any business that is active and signs up to our free account, we will upgrade you to the Gold Plan that allows you to post your products and any classified ads. Remember... this is just a hub to take you back to your online store or service website, but we hope to have the site be a onestop area to link people to their personal or business sites. For businesses or corporation who might be able to afford to sponsor youth summer employment, you can simply buy a membership, funds will go towards youth media jobs where they will write, learn and post in our journal, your sponsorship will be attached to their stories. Try it out and see if it suits your business need, no harm no foul.

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