By: Lakeyshia Mcmillan

Looking around I didn’t notice anything new. Standing up, I stumbled. Trying

to find a wall was always difficult, despite knowing this place well. Finally I found the door. Knowing what would happen if I opened it, I closed my eyes. A bright light shun. Once I opened my eyes I knew where I was once again. Safe and sound in my room.

“Mable, Mable where are you?”

“I'm in my room mom.” I answered. I walked down the stairs to meet her in the

living room.

“Hun did it happen again?” she asked “I’ve been calling you for a while.”

“Ya it happened again, but nothing changed.” I responded.

“Weird, please don’t go with the lady.” she requested, “ I love you, and I don't

want you to be tricked.”

“I know mom, and I love you too.”

I turned to enter the kitchen. Not really sure why she said that.

Since I didn’t eat all day, I was starving. As i was making a sandwich my phone rang.

“Whats up?” I asked.

“Not much. I just wanted to make sure you were safe, you were safe right.” the phone's speaker replied

“Don’t worry, I am,” I laughed “Although it did happen again.”

“Again, that means it's happening every day now, please listen to the lady if

you see her.” the phone's speaker replied

“I know, it's crazy, anyway I have to go.” I said not questioning what he said.


“bye.” I responded.

I sat down to eat my meal. Unable to put together the strange happenings. After I

ate, I walked to my car. Starting it as I looked for my wallet. Driving to the store with my mental list, I was ready for shopping. I grabbed a cart and headed to the

electronic section. After I gathered everything on my list I travelled to the check out. Finally home I opened the door noticing my moms shoes were gone. Walking to my room with my stuff I put them down on my bed. Hopping into the shower; I wondered what I should do once I finished setting up the items, I guess study. I sat down on my bed with an open book. After a while I got up; thirsty I went to the kitchen. As I walked back to my room, I felt light headed. Boom Opening my eyes, I fainted. Looking around I noticed something that wasn’t my room.

This can’t be, I thought this dream only happens when I go to sleep.

I tried standing up, but I couldn’t. Touching my legs did nothing; they were numb.

Laying down I started to crawl. Finally reaching the door I….

“Wait, no don’t open that.”

I turned around, it was a woman.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because that door leads you to another world.” said the woman

“Ya right, this is just a dream.” I laughed.

“No this is not a dream, it's real. That door leads you to a different place. It

attracts you in then hucks you on. Once that happens they kill you.”

The woman walked closer.

“Have you ever noticed anything weird in there? That's because you are not

actually supposed to be able to enter.” The Woman spoke aggressively

“What are you saying, you're crazy. That's my life through the door I belong

there.” I say.

“No, you don’t. Please just come with me. I'll show you the truth.”

I stand up. I cautiously follow her. She leads me to a door. Entering through the door I felt dizzy. Waking up once again I realized that the woman was lying. I knew it was just a dream. I leapt out of bed startled by my phone ringing.

“Hey where are you? You missed school.” Says Greg on the phone

“That's weird.” I said. Looking at the date, “AHHHH!”

“What's wrong? What's happening, are you okay.” his muffled voice asked.

“I just dropped my phone.” I answered, “can I call you back, i need to go.”

Looking back to the date, it's been 10 days since I passed out; where is my mom. I

wandered down the stairs


“Mom where are you?”

Entering the garage I noticed that my moms car was gone. Running back upstairs I reached for my phone that I recently dropped on the floor and dialed Greg back.

“Come on come on pick up.”

“Why are you not picking up?”


I turn around to face the door.

“Hey, what's up haven't spoken since the 8th.” Astonishing, Greg stood before me.

“What do you mean we just spoke.” I said.

“What, no, I have not spoken to you you since since since.” Greg began to glitch out. Unbeknownst to me, Sparks started flying.

“Hey Greg, you good?” I asked. “You keep stuttering.”

As I waited for his answer, my phone started to ring. Turning around I answered the phone.

“GET OUT OF THERE!” the phone cried

“What do you mean?” I stressed

“You're not safe!” a seemingly convincing voice stated and sounded like Greg; and there was a slight pause.

“Wait is this a prank, how were you able to be here and still call me?”

“That's not important, leave!” Phone Greg demanded

“Okay okay, geez.”

I started to walk towards the door, keeping one eye on the Greg in my house, he

stayed still with his gaze to the ground and did not make a sound. Finally I got out of my house. Turning around, and to my amazement, the house was in flames. Unable to understand what was going on I asked the Greg on the phone, in which he explained everything.

“When you were young the mom you thought was real took you to the world

you are in. That world is a simulation. The reason you keep waking up in a

mysterious place is because you belong there. The reason I can call you is a secret, but I'm your brother and the lady you saw is your real mom. That world is glitching and if you don't leave you will die.”

“What?” I was taken aback. Not knowing if this was true.

“Mable please believe me, and listen. I need you to go back to sleep, like now.

Once you do, don't open that one door. Wait for me. I will try and get there as soon as I can. I need to go now so please trust me.”

I didn't open the door listening to my so-called friend. After a bit she came in and

explained everything to me. She was right. I do belong here.

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