A Galactic Spy

Written By Jarred Strube

He would pour his time into spy movies and acquiring all the newest spy gadgets. Studying all the greats, he flew his life into the fast lane and new where he would end up one day. A Galactic Spy

As a youth Regulus would dream of becoming a spy and by all means this young man was going to do it. Studying the greats he flew his life into the fast lane. He would invest in all the newest gadgets. At one time his days were filled with daydreaming of what it would be like, the places he would see, the people he would meet, the adventures that he would find himself in. He poured his time into all the new spy movies, The Kingsman, The Man from U.N.C.L.E even SPY. The older ones were not his style. 

Reg was naturally an inquisitive child but would refrain from asking too many questions. The day came when he had no choice but to find answers. He had been keeping an eye on his Mother much more lately and for good reason. She had definitely been acting erratic and seemed disorganized. A woman of powerful repose seemed to be wavering in his eyes. What he found out next would change his life forever

Reg was one his way to school when a call came in on his glasses 

“Reg here”

"Reg a trespasser has been detected in your room”123

“Camera two on”

All reg saw in the corner of his glasses was his room, as he left it

“infrared on”

Reg saw the figure of a person

“a person?! what the frick is someone doing in my room and why can’t i see them?” he mumbled

Now Reg was on his way to school and didn’t want to miss anything so he continued walking

"Siri activate all sensors” he said curtly

“sensors active”


Reg continued on to school and would periodically check in on his visitor.

I mean Reg was floored and so darn excited he just kept on walking and once he realized it he was a block past school.

Reg took this as a logical sign that this anomaly should be looked into much more. Being miles from his house and no robots at his disposal at the moment reg took a swift seat and whipped out his laptop, opened up his programs, and started runs and searches with his sensors. After a few minutes of stripping code and running grams, he could start to see (through code) what this person looked like.

I mean this person was no novice. To be able to mask much of themselves in the solitude of his room they must be well off either technologically or mentally. Reg was becoming increasingly frustrated because this thing was doing next to nothing but floating around his room. Reg had items of great monetary value, technology of value and confidential data so why was this thing just floating there like a blob. 

“k Siri I’m on my way home please contact the proper authorities in regards to the matter at hand”

“yes Master” she chimed

“what in goodness name could be in my darn room haha” he queried

he jumped and the rollerblades in his shoes popped out as per usual and he ripped home.

On his way home he realized today was a day to remember its nine days before his tenth birthday in the year Sol 2069, so maybe, just maybe, this was something his parents planned.

Blocks from his house Reg was getting nervous and started to skate faster and faster passing all the houses in his hood. When he got home not a single vehicle was outside, no firetrucks or officers of any sort.

Siri why are there no cops or agents here! he bellowed



Silence again

now Reg was approaching the door, slowly, unsure of everything right now

“Siri” he whispered the blood pounding in his ears the floor creaking much louder than usual. All he could here inside was the drone of the electrical systems.

Whyyyyyyyy? like what is happening right now”, he gulped, tensed and twisted his wrist.


Now what was told to Reg next was something that changed his life. What could it have been? Who told him? What message could you tell yourself to improve?

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