Atlantis Essay

By; Christina Roasting

“Atlantis is a truly civilized nation,” Said the scholar during a lecture to his pupils. “However, we have come a long way from our ancestor’s great nation.” The speech he gave at the beginning of every semester never changed, it was always a cumulative summary of the Original Civilization, and was always the same down to the last syllable. His assistant, Cora, almost had it completely memorized and could perform it on queue. She had been working at the college for almost 7 years now, studying up on her mythology and histories of the world, she planned to become an archaeologist by the time she was 25, which was the coming year. She couldn’t believe her time at the college was finally coming to an end; she would finally be able to go out on her own in the big world.

“Atlantis was home to a very powerful and noble people, they prospered in the wealth received from the resources that surrounded them on their island. People travelled far and wide to share in the bountiful land, and Atlantis became the heartland of the era. Its streets were always filled with people, the trading posts boasted lines of people waiting to purchase or sell their treasures. The popularity and authority of the Atlantis people extended beyond the borders of their island into the mainland, people flocked to the rule of Atlantis like sheep.”

Cora mouthed the words along with the scholar, making faces when she couldn’t remember a word correctly; though she was getting better at it. She listened to him continue with his lecture while she organized the many books in the back of the auditorium.

“They often travelled by an ingenious invention called water canals, the canals cut across the land to the city, which was situated on the edge of the island. The city was immense, and very densely populated. It covered roughly 11 miles of land, with a large fertile plain just outside the city borders. The crops used irrigation systems, and with the help of their extraordinary climate, often produced 2 harvests a year,” The professor clapped, his excitement apparent. “They were able to grow crops in the winter with the rainfall, can you believe it? They could sustain an enormous population with that amount of produce. It’s really such a shame that the climate isn’t like that in our time.”

Cora’s favourite part of the lecture was coming up, the part where it tied in the old gods that the people of Atlantis had worshipped and made it more legendary.

“Atlantis, as you all should know, was in the Atlantic ocean, the domain of the old god Poseidon. Now supposedly Poseidon had fallen in love with a mortal woman named Cleito, he wanted her close to him always so he made her an island on top of his sea, and formed mountains and hills and brought over animals from the mainland to keep her happy. Cleito gave birth to five sons whilst she lived on the island, the eldest became the first king of Atlantis, and his name was Atlas. At the top of the central hill, a temple was built to honor Poseidon which housed a giant gold statue of the god in a chariot pulled by winged horses. It was here that the rulers of Atlantis would come to discuss laws, pass judgments, and pay tribute to Poseidon.”

Cora sighed, the lecture was coming to an end, and she would have to stop what she was doing and introduce herself to the class. Why couldn’t the professor keep talking about the gods of Atlantis, or the Capital city and its larger than life King, she wouldn’t even mind if he talked about what exactly it was that the people liked to trade at the supermarkets. Anything to prolong her time surrounded by the books she loved to read from Atlantis, the language had never died, and the ruins of the city could still be visited on the other side of the island, Atlantis had survived everything that had been thrown at it. Cora was fascinated by the nation; it was the nation she had chosen to write her thesis on. Her ticket to her future.

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