Black & White Album Project

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

by Jeremy Linville

The purpose of the Black & White album project was to bring youth in Whitehorse together. It was meant to act as a common ground where they could put their differences such as age, money, race, where they come from, aside and make some good rhythmic music. The musical talent in this town often goes unnoticed. With that in mind, we decided to go looking for underground artist in the Whitehorse area. It did not take long to find some incredible people who never had the chance to record in a professional studio. While we were hard at work, we also had a lot of fun, making it less work and more of a passion, which is needed in today’s society. Each and every artist that partook in the project agreed that they needed more music in their lives.

“music the healer”

One of the rap artists involved in the project is Tyler Quock. He got into music as a child, listening to Tracey Chapman, and later on bands such as Green Day and Nirvana, making his own music in grade 12. Tyler had some advice for those who are new to writing lyrics: “keep writing those songs, verse after verse after verse. Just keep scribbling away.” Although it can be a lot of hard work and networking, Tyler said he will continue to make music.

It was impressive to know there are people who accept our music and would like to see another project just like the Black & White album. Helping these youth to create something they are proud of and watching them record their music, is so inspiring. Beat box artist Marshal Buick, who is currently traveling Europe doing his workshops and stage shows, laid down some fire on the track and spoke briefly on the album “I would come back for sure if there was another album project.”

I feel that, if we did another compilation album or a similar project, it would be better received the second time around. People have heard about this mysterious album and some are curious about what it will sound like. Once people hear what we’ve done they will not be disappointed; these songs are unique as each individual artist. Needless to say, the artists involved have let the word buzz all through town and everyone is excited to get their copy of the album to show family and peers, or even send off to a record company!

Once the public has heard what we’ve made, I know for certain my studio at the Youth Of Today Society will be flooded with people, all brought together by music.

Individuals from all walks of life came through our doors to create this compilation album. Some wrote songs about their personal hardships, for others it was simply songs about love. However, for a good portion of them it was about all about laying down some wicked beats. Overall everyone who was involved with this project was satisfied with what they had contributed.

Not often do you find such a committed crowd of people who just want to make music. We worked on producing, editing and of course singing and rapping. It was an experience we wouldn’t take back for the world.

MESSAGE FROM THE WRITER: This project has given me a feeling I cannot explain. It’s the power of music and how it pulls people together in such a way they hardly notice. Caught up in a momentary musical stasis. Relieving you from daily stresses and struggles only to bring you back a little bit happier and relaxed. For some, it’s fun for others it’s coping. All in all, there is a reason I call it “music the healer”.

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