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Updated: Apr 3, 2020

If you have a personal interest and would like to write about it and submit to Shākāt Media for publishing please contact me. Jamie@shakat.caHere's a little something I put together.

Niagara Falls and the WizardWhen inventor Nikola Tesla thought of the Niagara Falls, he saw it not just as a stunning display of nature’s might and majesty but also a way to harness energy. Tesla and industrialist George Westinghouse created the world’s first hydroelectric power plant in 1895. Tesla developed a system of alternating current which enabled power from Niagara Falls to be transmitted great distances. His invention of AC power changed the way electricity was used throughout the world. Prior to Tesla’s discovery, electricity was only sent by direct current (DC) no more than 100 yards. His systems made it possible to supply electricity over hundreds of miles, instead of short distances, which was the standard at the time.

Tesla is also famous for inventing the rotating magnetic field, neon and fluorescent lights, the system of arc lighting, the Induction Motor, the system of Wireless Communication (which led to the Internet) and the famous "TESLA COIL" (1891), producing high-voltage, low current, high-frequency alternating current electricity.

The genius American author Mark Twain was a friend of Tesla and visited his laboratory in 1899 to see his inventions for himself. Reportedly, Twain's book "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court", about a time traveler introducing modern technology to England, was influenced by Tesla.

“We have many a monument of past ages; we have the palaces and pyramids, the temples of the Greek and the cathedrals of Christendom,” said Tesla. “In them is exemplified the power of men, the greatness of nations, the love of art and religious devotion. But the monument at Niagara has something of its own, more in accord with our present thoughts and tendencies. It is a monument worthy of our scientific age, a true monument of enlightenment and of peace. It signifies the subjugation of natural forces to the service of man, the discontinuance of barbarous methods, the relieving of millions from want and suffering.” - Nikola Tesla

Photo credit: Jamie Lee Roberts

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