CKY interview with Jess Margera

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Hello my Yukon friends, I am Jess Margera and I am in a band called CKY

Jamie: This year marked the 20th anniversary of the first CKY video and CKY’s first two albums, how does this make you feel? Jess: Grateful that people still like us after all that time and I guess it makes me feel kind of old.

Jamie: Do you still skate? Jess: My 10 year old son is really into it, so now I am back into it too. I took a break for a while because I was so busy making albums and touring.

Jamie: How did CKY begin? Jess:Boredom really. We all grew up in a town in Pennsylvania with not a whole lot to do, so we had to entertain ourselves by filming funny movies and playing music.

Jamie: How did you come up with your band name? Jess: We were going to try and film a cheesy horror movie before the first CKY video came out but never got around to it. The movie was going to be called “Camp Kill Yourself” and even though the horror movie never got made, the name kind of stuck.

Jamie: Describe your sound: Jess: I'm still trying to find that out myself actually. Our last album, “The Phoenix" in my opinion, sounded kind of like if Stevie Wonder recorded an album in the California desert with Queens of the Stone Age

Jamie: How long have you been playing Drums ? Jess: I started in 1989 when I was 11 years old, my drum teacher said I was by far his worst student. I think he was probably right about that.

Jamie: Who are your inspirations in the music industry if you have any? Jess: To be honest, I have a ton of respect for pretty much anyone that still does music as their job these days. It's not easy.

Jamie: Do you have any crazy stories from When you toured with HIM in 2017? Jess: I met Roger Waters from Pink Floyd at the Mexico City airport on that tour. He wrote some of the best rock songs of all time, so I had no idea what to say to that guy. I just got my picture and said thanks.

Jamie: What do you enjoy most about being a musician? Jess: Going places I would have never thought to go, and not being touristy about it. Usually there is someone local that shows me around where all the good spots are.

Jamie: Would you credit your brother Bam Margera for some of CKYs exposure through videos he produced in the early days? Jess: For sure, he had us score the entire soundtrack of the first video. (CKY movie)

Jamie: How involved was Bam with the band?

Jess: He sang on our Christmas song, which isn’t very Christmasy. I wouldn’t recommend it to youngsters.

Jamie: What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen at a CKY show? Jess: I might get arrested if I answer that question.

Jamie: Whats new with CKY? Jess: UK tour, then a new album after that.

Jamie: Have you ever been to the far North of Canada? (Yukon, NWT) Jess: Edmonton and Grand Prairie are probably the closest I have ever been to you, I would love to pay you guys a visit some time. I saw there is a music festival, can we get an invite?

Jamie: What is one inspirational message you would send to the youth up North who will be reading this interview? Jess: Don’t forget to Rock and Roll. It’s good for you.

Jamie: Have you ever heard of our magazine Shākāt Journal? Jess: I have now!

Jamie: Christmas is only 4 days away any big plans? and What’s the craziest Christmas gift you’ve ever received? Jess: Capture Santa Claus and personally thank him for the Paiste Symphony Gong he is going to give me, and A 1967 Cadillac Eldorado!

Thank you so much Jess Margera!!!! You are a huge inspiration to many Youth in the Yukon, and YES I will definitely be looking into getting you an invite to one of the many music festivals we have in the Territory. Take care and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2020

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