Crush (feat. little Boe) [prod. Little Boe]

By Kenneth Etzel

My Dream

My grandpa Henry Nukon and my mom, Verna Nukon were the first two people that inspired me to get into music. They introduced me to playing guitar, singing and learning how to write songs.

I remember meeting some nice people that came to my community. When I was grade 6, Kelvin and Calla Kinglit came to perform at Ross River school for a Yukon tour. They also inspired me to try other types of music like hip hop and indie music.

I always had dreams that I was performing my music on stage I struggled to make music and I didn’t know where to start to record music. There wasn’t anyone experienced to help me in the community.

My friends and I used to play freestyle beats on Youtube at the back of the school. I continued writing music and it became a hobby for me. But I had no idea how to record my music.

Frustrated, I gave up on my music for two years. In grade 12, I contacted Kelvin and found out that he was performing at Heart of Riverdale “Vinyl Therapy Show” This is where I met Jeremy Parkin. We later found out that we were cousins. That was a special moment for us.

Kelvin and Jeremy made me comfortable and less nervous. I also met Dalton 149 and Little Boe at the show. They were opening for local boy. They became my best pals and are still to this day. They invited me to come to a music workshop in October. I felt nervous, because I was new to music and didn’t want to embarrass myself. But hanging out with them built up my self-confidence.

Hanging out the Heart of Riverdale also helped me. I felt welcome and cared for by the staff. It wasn’t what I expected at all. I met the break dancers in Ross River before so I felt comfortable with them.

Kelvin, Rodel (little Boe) and Asher (Dalton 149) also helped me out. I told them that I wanted to learn how to make songs, learning the software, and learn how to write hip hop beats.

At first, I wanted to make a sad song, because I recently broke up with someone. I wanted an outlet to express my feelings. Then I wanted to make a good positive song for the people that wanted to listen to me.

Being away from my community was hard, but the Gadzoosdaa Dorm was great. I had a lot of friends there so it wasn’t lonely. My friends would often say they had a crush on someone there.

This gave me an idea for the song “Crush”.

My friend Rodel, had an idea to make a song together and drop it on Valentine’s Day. The song was about having a crush on a special girl. We went to the studio room and he started making a beat us. That beat was beautiful! We were in that room for 1 or 2 hours writing out the lyrics.

Once were done, we made sure it flowed with the beat. It sounded great. It took me a long time to get it right. I sometimes got mic frights, but I continued to practice daily. It was difficult having people watch me record.

February came, and the song wasn’t done. I messed up a lot and couldn’t hit the notes, but Rodel, Kelvin, and Asher helped. I almost give up after that. I finally realized how difficult it was to make music and that it takes time. I finally finished that song around March, and then Covid hit. We had to go on lockdown. I had to return to my community and leave my friends and Heart of Riverdale.

After about two weeks at home – more bad news hit. My good friend passed away from suicide. He used to give me tips for music and drive me to the studio. I felt so broken.

My friend always told me never give up on music and to lift myself up. I never gave up and tried even harder in his memory.

I finally dropped that song called “Crush” on April 2nd 2020.


Girl I want your love

Thinking about your touch

Every time I see you in the back of flying doves

Got me thinking about the time my wasn’t enough


I know we talked too much

N hope our future got that bond

Please don’t lead me on

I know some day we’ll get along

Please don’t get me wrong

Hope our time don’t find it tough

Don’t think im a slob

I want to be there and do my job

It will be the best if you meet my gang

Wishing you can hang

Am I doing the right thang

Shawty I wanna hear you rang

Can it be me and you

I hope its gonna be true

I cant get my hopes and I don’t know what do


Girl I want your love

Thinking about your touch

Every time I see you in the back of flying doves

Got me thinking about the time my wasn’t enough

Or we could get this through

So happy to see you with a smile underneath the sky so blue

She never escape my mind and I just grew

Your always the person that I talk too

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