OPEN LETTER TO YUKON NATIVE NATIONS The recent Federal Funding Cuts to Native communications is a blatant and deliberate move to furthering yet more controls on the Native people across this nation. Every instance in World history has shown that before dictatorship or totalitarian states takes over, it silences first the conscience of a nation by eliminating frost the voice of a nation; the artists, poets, writers, and philosophers! The reasons that the federal government give for those cuts will be and is, transparently predictable for all to view. It is a direct and deliberate assault on the basic human freedom of speech, expression and communication. This action fits in with the actions of Department of Indian Affairs and the continued process to forcefully assimilate the native people and their children into a foreign self assumed governmental system that has stated that the individuality of the person, community or nation is a mere categorical commodity to be numbered manipulated, controlled and nothing more.

The track record of this emissarys government, when viewed in all its past record in dealings with native nations all point to the end desire of this foreign governments genocidally-oriented goals. They seek only to smother the rightful aspirations to nationhood of our native people across this nation that some Charlottetown Hootchie presumptuously named Canada. You need only look at some of their proposed and existing legislation to see that, and chief among them is the Indian Act, not tot mention government policies of integrations, liquidations, The White Paper Policy —To mention a few familiar thorns. To illustrate the hypocrisy, consider that the federal government has cut communications funding at a critical period of time in our history, a time period of time in our history, a time which federal government has cut communications funding at a critical period of time in our history, a time which the federal government already views our nationhood as a signed document that gives them the eventual control and decision making for our lives and those of our children yet unborn. In their view the Yukon Indian Nations’ proposal of a settlement is already fact. All that’s left, these federal emissaries will say in so many words, is the formality of singing, and the eventual storage of these documents in their steel vaults, to be used against any aspirations to nationhood in the future. In not one of the some three hundred treaties signed with our southern brothers and sister has it bene shown that the government or its emissaries were honourable people or one to keep their own words. That historical trust has been shown to have been betrayed time and again and it will not end with this funding cut to the communications aspect of Native people. Honour the Earth. By Bernie Johnson Southern Tutchone Nation

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