Emotion Overload

By: Mikhaela Velasquez

If you could have any supernatural power in the world what would it be? For Haru

Fujioka it wasn’t very hard to imagine, for he had supernatural powers that could help the earth

prosper or bring it to its ultimate demise and destruction if he lost all control over himself.

Haru Fujioka is a seemingly ordinary boy, A family of four with two parents who love

each other dearly. They weren’t wealthy but they weren’t poor either. A younger sister, Mimi

Fujioka, who he gets along with quite well with a healthy amount of quarrels. Haru is an

incredibly bright student and is also a part-timer as a waiter. An ordinary boy with an ordinary

nuclear family. They live in a mediocre house, in a quiet and ordinary neighborhood. They lived

close enough to Haru’s high school and far enough from the sounds of the big city. Everything is

ordinary for Haru. But there is a minor detail, Haru possesses an immense amount of psychic

powers that his family isn't aware of. He could control the air, sea, and earth to follow his

commands, control and see the minds of others, he could even see the dead. Ever since Haru was

born, he always knew he was different with this power, but even in his youth he found a way to

control this ungodly power. He must never lose control of his feelings. To describe Haru as a

person, he was very quiet with a neutral face. No one could ever tell what he was thinking or

feeling. In the beginning, while keeping his feelings dormant, it didn’t bother him. But as time

went on, he wanted to show his feelings, he wanted to laugh, to cry uncontrollably, to love with

no limit. But if he let go and let his emotions run wild, his powers would become uncontrollable

and destroy anything in its path. Therefore, using a mental timer set to 0%, for the rest of Haru‘s

life, he pledged to keep his powers hidden, along with his feelings and keeping everything under


It was another day for Haru Fujioka, as he was heading to school, he noticed

something new. Rather someone. A girl, wearing his schools uniform, running past him in a


I think she’s that new student.


He pondered to himself. But he decided not to catch up to her, he wanted to keep to

himself to avoid unnecessary drainage of energy which came from interacting with others,

weakening his strength to suppress his powers. This is the mindset he set himself with, ergo he

didn’t have many friends, but he wasn’t bullied either.

Once he got to school, he head still lingered with the thought of that new student. He shook his


NO, you mustn’t distract yourself.

As he walked to class And sat down, the teacher came in to begin class, but behind

him, walked the new student.

“Good Morning everyone, today well be having an new student join us,”

The teacher announced. The girl looked a bit anxious,

“ Please welcome, Eliza Mafuyu, she came in just last night from America!”

She’s from abroad..

Haru thought to himself, for some reason, everything about this girl intrigued him. Her bright

red hair blazing in the sun, her pale skin illuminating his gaze upon her, her green eyes sparked

like emeralds.

“Take a seat next to Haru in the back”

Eliza followed the teachers and instructions and sat down, a breeze of her fragrance masked the

air around Haru, making him acknowledge her presence.

She smells like sweet vanilla almond.


During class, Eliza turned and whispered to Haru, catching him off guard.

“Hi, Haru was it? Can i borrow an eraser i dropped mine while running to school”

She asked in a hushed voice, but to Haru it sounded like if paradise had a whimsical voice.


Haru stuttered, passing her his eraser. As he passed it, he felt their fingertips touch

and a spring of electricity spring inside him, making his hair poof up. Eliza noticed this and

chuckled to herself as Haru quickly turned to comb it down.


A couple months go by and Haru found it difficult to keep Eliza out of his head, they

became closer and soon Eliza was friends with almost everyone in the class, but talked to Haru

more frequently. Eliza always tried to get Haru to talk to her, he described her as energetic,

annoying, persistent and, he didn't want to admit it, but beautiful. He also found her to be

extremely edacious, since she followed him to work once and ordered a ton of food, even the

cooks became exhausted. Through that, they became closer, almost, best friends. Other people

who knew Haru were shocked to see him speak and interact with another, since he almost never

says or does anything with other people. Some even teased him about it, which he brushed off,

or so he thought he did.


But Haru knew what was happening wouldn’t be good for him or Eliza. He has tried to

push her away, but he couldn’t bring himself to fully commit to an action that may hurt her.

Ah shoot, what am I going to do! I’m losing it!

He thought while wiping down tables, suddenly the door opened, as customer has arrived,

“Hello, welcome to- oh, hey Eliza”

Haru says, going from a spry voice to a sonorous tone once he saw it was Eliza.

“Aw, not very glad to see me?”

She said with a hint of sarcasm, Haru scoffed at her remark and went to the back to bring the

dirty dishes to the sink.

“Well, I wanted to ask you something a bit serious.”

Haru paused for a moment then went back to his dishes,

“Okay, what is it?”

He replies in a clam tone but inside he was on fire,


“if you wanted to go to the Christmas Festival...with me, just the two of us.”

As those words left Eliza’s mouth, Haru turned around to greet her beet red face, with his own

face blushed from ear to ear.



Haru was in panic mode, he was now mentally at 90%, the highest he’s ever been in his

life. He felt the world go in almost slow motion. His head spinning, his world toppling.

Concerned for Haru, Eliza reached out to grab his hand to stabilize him, but she only made it



Suddenly objects in the kitchen, along with the lanterns that decorated that restaurant

started rising and floating around, then picking up speed around Haru. His eyes glowing white,

black smoke surrounding him like a tornado. Through all of that, Eliza never let go. A knife

began rising, and whirled around Haru, accidentally slicing Eliza and her arm began to bleed.

She still didn't let go of Haru. He then rapidly flew out of the restaurant and into the sky, right

into the snow storm. It was too foggy to see ahead, all Eliza could see was Haru’s face, tears

streaming down. She had no idea what was happening but she knew, whoever this monster was,

Haru was still in there. Zipping through the storm, Eliza tugged on Harus arm, he turned and

glared at her with his cold dead illuminated eyes. Suddenly they accelerated upwards, Eliza

holding on for dear life.

“Haru! Stop! This isn't you! Don’t lose control”

At that, Haru snapped, abruptly stopping, they accelerated upwards above the clouds,

with the moon producing prolific amounts of light, the clouds giving a sense of equanimity

within them, as if they were in heaven. With tears staining both their faces, Eliza took Harus

face, calming him down. He couldn’t look her in the eye,


And in a swift motion, ELiza kissed Haru in the moonlight above the clouds, it’d be an

understatement to say they both felt as if they were really in the clouds. Haru breaking the kiss

he said,

“Now that was 100%”

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