High School Me

Art is expressionism, the way you express yourself is an art. No matter what you do, your showing your opinions, your admiration, your fears and your emotions. Without these small little hints about your inner most thoughts, you cease to have a personality, and instead become a blank canvas.

My name is Christina Leona Roasting; I was named after three people. My grandma, whose name is Christine, and my uncle Christopher are the inspiration that gave my mother the inspiration for my first name. My middle name was after my other grandmother Leona. I don’t think my names are all that original, and I don’t relate to the names very well. I often feel strange when people call me by my full name, I don’t think that the name belongs to me. Of course, logically, I know its my name, I’m not crazy or anything. Nor am I confused; I just don’t like my name very much. I belong to a family that I don’t particularly like, and my background of experiences has never been particularly happy; that doesn’t mean I’m not happy personally. In fact, I’m relatively happy. I love being me, most of the time. Of course, not everyone loves being themselves all of the time, some of the time they quite dislike themselves. So of course, with that in mind, I can say that I quite like myself. I love the way I dress, in all blacks on almost a daily basis, messy hair (though sometimes unintentionally) and I love having my hair coloured. Colouring my hair is the thing I love best about my appearance. I think it looks fantastic, and seems to compensate for my chronic silence in most social situations.

I’m not always quiet because I want to be quiet, more often then not I’m quiet because I have nothing to contribute to the conversation or I feel as if my voice wouldn’t be heard among the noise that people in animated conversations make. Or, in most cases, I’m only interested in hearing what others have to say, I enjoy listening to people converse or tell stories around me especially when I’m drawing.

In short, I like: cats, sci-fi, thrillers, horrors, music, sleeping, spaghetti, coffee, animals, discovery channel, Disney, sing-a-longs, musicals, classic monsters, Dracula, punk rock style, tumblr, cat videos, movies, batman, flash, DC comics, painting, this sentence, this list, writing, lists, smoothies, stuffed animals, facts, etc.

I'm a procrastinator though, I got tired with the above descriptions, I don’t much like dragging on about stuff that doesn’t interest me or thrill me.I can be relatively ill tempered if I’m annoyed or tired, and I only like certain people, other people I either politely ignore, or just generally dislike. I try not to be rude, rudeness is the worst crime to me, in polite society. I think ill head back to class now. I don’t like being the last one finished…

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