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HISTORIC POST: The Party Of Dispair

The Party Of Dispair

The barstool bleeders blubber in the beer

the music blaresit hurt deep in the ear

Another day has gone where did it go?

Not so much fun did it go fast or slow?

The day breaks and the fog is thick it hurts the head pounds like the very tide the body is so sore the spirit brake the shame remorse regret and all the guilt

Did I have fun last night

will I today

the barstool buddies are my only friends

we laugh and joke and drink the bottle dry

the wounds are sealed, if only for one day

Despair is mine and booze adds to the pain

I do not know another life to lead

Is there a way to leave this life behind

To walk a road of happiness and light

Creator leads us from the pain and hurt

He heals our wounds and lightens up our hearts

We only need to listen for the sounds of Mother

Earth, wind, leaves and gentle rain

By Dorothy Thorsen, April 1990

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