By Cayla Jackson

Have you ever wondered what would happen if your dog could talk? My dog is my best friend and she always seems to know when I need her to lie beside me in my overstuffed, overloaded, rainbow of color bed. My dog is small but never seems to amaze me when she has something to say like “Hey there is a stranger walking by” or “Get that squirrel”. My dog makes me laugh and she is always near when I am sad. If my dog could talk, I think she would have lots to say because she is really smart.

From the time she arrived at our house, a big bundle of fuzz and pudge, she has hung out and become part of my family. I can’t believe it has been 10 years since this timid little package arrived at our house, away from her mom, anxious of all the new smells and sounds.

My dog is very timid as she was taken away from her mom at six weeks. This is too young and explains some of my dogs eccentric barking and whining. She is afraid of the clothes dryer and will not go lie in her bed if it is on.

I think my dog would be kind if she could talk. She would share all her secrets and the gossip of the day. She would make a great councillor with wise advice, and a great fashion advisor telling me what colors go together and what she thinks of my latest fashion. Sometimes when I am home, I love to dress her up and once I even made her a lovely winter sweater so she would not be cold.

My dog is very particular about her food and boy does she love those snacks. She is very polite and before she comes upstairs, she always asks. Sometimes in the middle of the night she will decide that she needs to sing, so in her high-pitched voice she will start, sounding somewhat like a cat that has got its tail caught in the door. Those are the nights I just want to throw my boot at her but know she is just lonely or bored and really needs my attention.

My dog has a brother that lives with us too and I laugh when I watch her torment her older brother by chewing on his collar or chasing him around the big back yard. In the fall she races in and out of the fallen leaves leaving a trail behind her. Sometimes she will hide under the vehicle and then jump out and scare me as I walk by.

My dog is also the greatest escape artist in the world and can sometimes even wiggle the gate until she can squish her small body between the boards. She loves to go on adventures and the only way she won’t keep running is if my mom starts her car and leaves the driver door open. My dog will come charging and jump right in begging to go for a ride. She always seems happy to ride to the end of the driveway and back. I am sure that if my dog could talk, she would politely ask if we could go for an adventure.

As I have moved away from home to attend school, I wonder how my dog is managing. I miss her but know I will see her again at Christmas time and we will be able to jump and play in the snow. My new apartment is lonely without my dog but I know she is happy and I am not sure she would do well in the city. There are so many noises and sirens here with traffic starting early in the morning she would probably lose her voice from all the barking she would do.

If my dog could talk, I could call her on the phone every night and discuss the events of the day or the politics of the world. My dog would keep up with the news and be a fine conversationalist. I can see her now sitting at the table looking through the morning paper sipping on her water and gravy laced kibble. I don’t know if anyone else would be able to understand her as she is my dog and the connection, we have is unique to us alone.

My dog is the perfect dog to share my most inner thoughts with and just imagine the possibilities. She uses her big brown eyes to get what she wants and lays on her back for a big belly rub when she really wants to be my friend. She is the best dog in the world.

What would you do if your dog could talk? After all a dog is man’s best friend.

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