Making Dry Meat

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Today on July 15, we're cutting dry meat. I already knew how but I haven't cut dry meat in a while, but after grandma lizzie showed me how I got it right away.

I kinda forgot how much I enjoy cutting dry meat, because it has been awhile since the last time I cut dry meat. The fastest isn't always the best. Either way holes no holes it still taste amazing, but take your time and each time you'll get better and better.

For me cutting dry meat is so peaceful, I just enjoy cutting dry meat a lot. After your done cutting all the moose meat, you'll get a great snacking piece of dry meat. Its so worth it, and it tastes good after words.

After when we all finished cutting all the meat, Amber and Morgan went to hang up the meat in the cache. After you hang up all the meat up, you'll need to make a fire. Usually you use rotten wood for the fire, because rotten wood makes more smoke than not rotten wood.

The next day after, me, Tyra, Amber, and Morgan went to the cache and flipped all the meat that was hanging. We made sure that we flipped all the meat that was hanging, other wise if we did miss one it will probably go bad the next day.

When we finish making sure the meat was all flipped over, Amber went ahead and made the fire. After she made the fire she had put a piece of tin on top of the fire, but make sure that the tin doesn't cover the fire too much. Just enough to make it smoke, because we want smoke more than fire.

Later into that day, we went to check on the meat. As me, Tyra, Tay-lynn, and Morgan were flipping the meat, the fire had to be made. Amber went on and made the fire, she had put the tin back on so it would make smoke.

The next morning, we drove to the cache. As usual we flipped the meat again, making sure we wouldn't miss any meat. The fire was made from Amber, she waited awhile to make sure the fire was going. just a little tip make sure after you make a fire, maybe wait awhile to make sure that the fire doesn't go out.

The dry meat was not ready just yet, it still needed to be hanged up for a bit. They had to move the meat into Morgan's cache, only because there was no one to look out for the meat. The plan was before the Minto trip, they would give out the meat equally. So everyone can dry the meat them self with a fan, but not everyone had a fan. So they had to bring the meat into Minto to divide it.

After the meat was dried, they cut all the meat into smaller pieces. They put all the dry meat into plastic bags equally, gave it out to everyone that helped made it. Now everyone had a great snacking piece of dry meat, it tastes amazing.

So worth it.

By: Shania Simon-Joe

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