Medallions of Hope

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Cassis Lindsay

As we pass through the tumultuous journey that is life, we constantly fight off monsters of all shapes and sizes. We are constantly plagued by feelings of depression, anger and despair. Some manage to fight them off a little easier than others, but everyone can do with a bit of help. This is why the Medallions of Hope were created. Thinking of the people who need a little more inspiration in their lives, these tokens were made for the sole purpose of helping out. In the coming weeks, a myriad of handcrafted medallions will decorate the trees by the riverfront and other places around town.

Each medallion will carry this message: someone cares.Each medallion has an abundance of good energy and thought put into it. Firstly, they were designed for the totally selfless act of helping others. Then, they were made and painted by hand. Finally, during Canada Day, compassionate members of the public wrote special messages on little slips of paper. The messages were rolled up and placed in the medallions. The desired result being, anyone who unfolds the scroll of paper will sense the power and care of the community in that little object.

When the snow melts and people start to gather in places around town, they will come across the medallions. Many of these people have had a rougher journey then I, and have a high rate of drug abuse, alcoholism and premature death. The goal of the medallions is to help reduce some of the negative aspects of their lives. A caring message like the ones written on the disks might be all it takes to inspire a change. A small scroll of paper containing the message will be rolled up and placed in the medallion. Engraved on the surface of each circle is the phrase, “We ask the great spirit to look over our first peoples.” With the hope that the people who read them will know that someone is watching over them and caring. A simple message could change lives.

These medallions will become a safe haven. To someone who is thinking dark thoughts, a kind-hearted phrase becomes a spark of light, clearing up the darkness. Once the brightly coloured disks adorn the trees, impossible to miss, I know that people will feel support. Sometimes, just knowing someone cares is all you need.

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