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My name is Morgan Williams, I am a First Nations Canadian citizen and I currently live in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. I spent most of my younger years growing up in my hometown of Pelly Crossing, but eventually made the decision to move to Whitehorse to attend a real high school for a better education experience. When I first decided to move here and live on my own, I was just fifteen years old. Now, I turn nineteen in October. Throughout high school, I had always loved and enjoyed taking English courses. I felt that it was what I was best at, and it really is helpful to have these literary skills.

It has been two years since I graduated from high school, and I am finally getting back into learning and exercising my brain with courses I am interested in. I am really hoping to improve my writing skills in time by taking online university courses. I was always told that I was really good at just spitting out an essay when I needed or wanted to, and it made me feel proud of myself to have found something I am good at. Nonetheless, I definitely think I have forgotten some details about proper writing. All the same, I am totally okay with that, because I know I can relearn them and expand my skill set in university. I can learn much more than what was taught to me in high school.

My biggest influencer would definitely be one of my former English teachers. She is a very intelligent woman who I have always admired for her literary skills. She was always very precise and everything she had read, written, or spoke always flowed naturally. I, personally, thought it was very beautiful and had hoped to one day be able to do the same with practice. Of course, like everyone else, I do struggle with certain things in English regardless of how educated I am on the topic. I would love to get better at my essay outlines, and the way they are written in general, for example, the words used. Over all, the English course I am taking has already broadened my knowledge and I am very excited to keep up with it.

If I had the decision to choose to write about any topic in the world, and be published, it would be about Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Children. This Canadian national crisis is very close to home for me, as I have had friends and family members go missing or been murdered. This is a very important topic that I would love to educate more people on, as well as share a connection with others who have experienced the tragic loss of our sisters. This is a Canadian genocide and it needs to be brought to the surface a lot more than it already has been. I would not say that this is a topic that absolutely matters the most to me, because there are many other topics I would indeed write about that are just as heart wrenching and important to me. I feel that there are many things that need to be spoken about, including residential schooling, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the Sixties Scoop to name a few. To educate is all you can really do for those who are not aware of these calamities; that is what my main focus is on when it comes to writing. I want it to have purpose instead of just writing for fun, I want to talk about the uncomfortable topics that most won’t speak on. Of course, doing so would also help educate myself on these matters because they are never ending, and there will always be more to them than what you have been told.

I have found that my culture has a lot to do with why I am so passionate about writing. Back home our elders and young elders tell many stories about tradition, their past, and the cultural genocide that occurred not too long ago. Instead of telling stories verbally, I find it easier and more meaningful to have it written on paper, that way I can keep it and send it to more than a few people to read. I also have discovered that I have a way with words through text, but I struggle to fluently speak on what I would like to say. That is why I decided to take the English 100 course I am currently in, practice makes perfect and I intend to get there.

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