Sad World

By: Lakeyshia Mcmillan

By: Lakeyshia Mcmillan

Running away was a daily thing for her. Going to school was better than being home, but since it was summer, and school was closed she had no escape except to run. She had no friends to run to for help. She felt alone, and when she had someone she couldn’t find the courage to open up. Everyone seemed to hate her. Her mom didn’t want her and frequently expressed how she didn’t care if the girl died. So the girl frequently looked at suicide as the only option. Thankfully she was strong. Every time she visits the bridge that people commonly died falling from, she would look down, imagine dying and think of how no one would care and that she would be in a better place. She felt sad but wanted to change that, she wanted help and she wanted to be loved by someone that cared. She never once actually tried to die even if she wanted to.

She knew that if she tried hard enough she could find someone for her. She never stopped looking. Coming home was the hardest part for her because her mom would stand at the door stinking of alcohol and staggering. The girl would not want to come in but her mom would always grab her by the arm and bring her to her room locking to make sure the girl would not escape a second time. Having nothing to eat for the last few days the girl would be crying from starvation. No matter how hard she tried she always came back home. But one day she had enough. She jumped out her window and ran away tears running down her face.

Today was different; she found herself running to a different bridge, a bigger one. As she did with the last lonely bridge, she stood at the edge. This bridge was bigger, and had more vehicles. Soon the cops were called but she didn’t know. She stood there finally calming down when the cops showed up.

“Oh God!” she screamed whilst everyone around her tried to convince the girl not to jump. Not known to them she wasn’t planning on doing anything, but dreaming until they showed up. For some reason seeing people pay attention to her was weird and she didn’t know what to do.

“Hun calm down it will be alright,” one police officer said trying to reassure the girl that was now crying again.

“No nothing is alright, it’s not ok, and it will never be ok,” the girl said.

“Calm down please, you need to breathe,” another police officer said. The girl moved closer.

“Ok look if you want to die fine go jump off the bridge, but if you really think about it you still have a chance for happiness,” a police officer that was near one of the cars explained, “you have people that love you and if you say you don’t then look at us, one of my partners the lady that's over there wants you to live and her name is Melissa, my other partner his name is Mitch.”

“They don’t truly care for real they are just doing their job, and no I have no one to miss me, and no one to care about me, and if you think I do then you are wrong the only person that knows I’m alive does not care about me” she said with tears in her eyes.

“Yes we do dear, we don’t want you to die,” Malissa said.

“I’m sure someone will miss you if you died, think about it, your soul mate won’t have anyone to love,” Mitch said. The girl moved closer to the edge wanting to fall into the cold water.

“No, soul mates are fake, and I don’t care, no one cares, I have no purpose so just let me die, at least I’ll be happy!” the girl cried out just as she jumped off the bridge. Malissa tried to catch the girl, or at least stop her, but she missed. All the police officers panicked. Calling the water police, making sure the ambulance was ready.

“In the end the girl got what she wanted,” Mitch said. “You such a dick Mitch,” Malissa said.

The police found out who the girl was, they later went to go tell her mom the tragic news, but further investigation showed Dana Migo, her mother was an alcoholic and a drug addict. Her father died in a car accident. The investigation led Dana Migo to prison for selling drugs. The news talked about the tragedy for a bit, however other topics interested them more. Sadly the school did nothing to prevent more deaths. The parents were not happy but what could they do? Nothing apparently because after her death nobody seemed to remember.

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