Porter Creek Secondary School FADS program joins the Rendezvous Fashion Show on the runway.

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Video by ShakatMedia

filmed and edited by Agnieszka Pajor.

Article and photos by Jamie Lee Roberts.

My name is Kyla Greve. I'm the teacher at Porter Creek secondary school. I teach a program called FADS, which stands for Fashion Art Design School. It's an experiential program, that is open to all students in the Yukon. Grades 10 through 12. Right now we're working on a project, that is taking inspiration from the environment. We're doing an unconventional challenge. So we're using building supplies material so that they create a look that will be on their rendezvous fashion show this Saturday.

We've started students on this project about two weeks ago. I think that the challenge really is to create something that's more creative than what they're sort of expecting. So nothing that you would see walking down the street more like something you would see in a museum or an art gallery. We've learned a little bit about how fast fashion affects the earth. There's thousands and thousands of pounds of clothing being thrown out every day. How are we going to change that? Or what can we do to reduce the amount of waste, fabric waste. So we're using thrift clothing to create this project!

Shākāt interviewed the students as well:

My name is Alyssa Rathburn and Im 16, I'm a student here at Porter Creek. Today I am working on cutting out some sheet metal gears to put on the skirt of my dress. I'm also going to be spray painting these gold to contrast with the grey. Originally I was going to have like an overgrown steampunk dress, I decided to go with this instead.

Hello, my name's Navarro Davies I'm a Teslin Tlingit First Nation. I joined this class because I have a passion for art and sewing and creating. Right now I'm working on my avant garde outfit. I've completed most of it I still have to put a few more flowers on, a few more finishing touches I saw the ratchet strap and I kinda thought that I don't like how construction overtakes the environment. So the top is like how the environment is looking nice. Then like below it is like construction.

My name is Jesse Kates. I am, I am 16 years old. The outfit I'm working on is with my partner. His name is Kaydin McCloud. Its called the purple sky, we thought the ruffles on it are like the clouds and the purple is pollution in the sky. We put flowers on the pants to represent nature. The blue shoes represent the water.

My name is Taïga Troy I am 18 for our piece, I am working with Kyla Sagun. We have a Renaissance style dress with a lot of patch work. We've been working on it for a week and a half so far.

I just want to introduce myself I am Kyla Sagun. I'm deaf, and I don't speak so the sign language interpreter speaking for me. So I use ASL is my first language and my partner Taïga and I, we work together and we know each other, and so we're used to communicating back and forth as we're designing this outfit. We've agreed on the design for the dress and we've really picked a nice pattern and our style for the dress, and we've been helping each other and sharing ideas during this process.

I'm 16. My name's Madison Welch. I'm working on an avant garde piece. My piece represents the water pollution waste when it comes to making clothes. For example,7,600 litres of water get used to make one pair of jeans. That's kind of what my goal is for this piece to represent that, to educate people. I use a towel and an old t-shirt and then for the bottom part it's a skirt and there's going to be an umbrella and wire for the umbrella part, and then just another little skirt kind of underneath and ropes too.

Hi, my name is Olivia. I'm 16 I go to Porter Creek secondary school. Hi, my name is Kailey Smith. I also go to secondary school. I am 16 the piece we're working on is environmentally inspired, It has lots of green, a tint of gold to stand out and mostly just tree related and plants.This piece symbolizes the importance of the environment and what the impact fashion has onto it.

Hi, my name is Reyahna Gaba. I'm 17, and I am doing this avant garde project with my FADS class. It's a very unique outfit we. Were told it had to be something out of this world and less of a fashion line, more of an artistic piece. So we decided to make two outfits. Two shirts, a skirt, and some shorts. And the caution tape is all over two of the shirts. But its actually “wet paint” tape in French “fraiche” so it actually says Fresh. Then we have some stripes of the tape on the shorts and the skirt. And I will be putting the tape in my hair for the fashion show. My name is Shirley Lindstrom. I'm 17 years old. The tape we have on the outfits is like black and yellow. I turned this black lace into a vest to put around my shoulders. It goes around the bralette that I made, and we're both going to be in the fashion show.

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