The RV music studio

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Video by Harrison Coyne and Nishka Pajor.

On June 17, 2019, outside of Haines Junction two boys built a recording studio, from the ground up, within a Recreational Vehicle. We met with the boys Will Symanski and Jason Symanski a.k.a “Delays” and “Reverb” to discuss their music.

The young men realized this was not going to happen overnight. “We came to the realization a while ago that this is going to take time. We knew we wanted to take the long route because it would lead to a better result, said Jason. “We wanted to start a little record label for a new era of streaming of Yukon kids.”

At one point, they had five youth involved but that number has dropped down to three. “Yes, we lost people along the way because we let them know flat-out that our stuff would not be available for at least a year.  A person might feel they are ready to spit it, but we are actually quite nit-picky about it. We want to show the best we can actually do,” added Jason.

“It is mostly about the production of the lyrics and getting a healthy balance of smart production with really smart lyrics.  De La Soul to Tribe Called Quest, for example, are crazy with the production while also doing something new with the rhymes,” said Will.

“I am a real perfectionist though. Since, I am making most of the beats and most things filter through me, it is awesome that they let me tweak stuff,” continued Will.

Jason injected, “We make purely hip hop and we are both quite influenced by the 90’s hip-hop boom box era.”

“ We are very much about a deeper meaning and we want another level behind the lyrics. We like to refer to ourselves is beat poets because we are more about the actual meaning of what we are saying -- not just saying things because they rhyme.”

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