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Rendezvous Fashion Show

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My name is Kyla Grieve. I'm the teacher at Porter Creek secondary school. I teach a program called FADS, which stands for Fashion Art Design School. It's an experiential program, that is open to all students in the Yukon. Grades 10 through 12. Right now we're working on a project, that is taking inspiration from the environment. We're doing an unconventional challenge. So we're using building supplies material so that they create a look that will be on their rendezvous fashion show this Saturday.


We've started students on this project about two weeks ago. I think that the challenge really is to create something that's more creative than what they're sort of expecting. So nothing that you would see walking down the street more like something you would see in a museum or an art gallery. We've learned a little bit about how fast fashion affects the earth. There's thousands and thousands of pounds of clothing being thrown out every day. How are we going to change that? Or what can we do to reduce the amount of waste, fabric waste. So we're using thrift clothing to create this project!

Fashion Show
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