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About Us


A northern media production company that creates professional and character-driven digital content.


We specialize in lifestyle, adventure, commercial and portrait photography as well as cinematic commercials, corporate videos and documentary films. We can be hired as a production company, cinematography or editors. 


Our Small & Efficient Production Team

Creatives of SHAKATMEDIA

Screen Shot 2021-10-25 at 9.40_edited.jpg

Lancelot Burton


Producer/Director/Editor, Local Artist/Videographer & founder of ShakatMedia.

1986-1991 Graduate & Alumni of NASCAD, has extensive experience in video, sound, lighting and animation.

1990-1991 St. Marys University, Sociology, Copywriter, Research.


Editing Skills

  • Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Classic

  • Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro

  • Logic Pro, Avid

  • In-Design, Photoshop, Illustrator

Agnieszka Pajor


Producer/Editor/Videographer; I am a passionate, experienced and entrepreneurial photographer and videographer who is focused, adaptable, sociable and motivated. ShakatMedia is adventurous, intense and an inspiring place to express creativity.

Łódź Film School, Poland
Photography, 2006-2009

Editing Skills

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Lightroom Classic

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Final Cut Pro

  • Davinci Resolve


We are interested in contract work and are more than willing to travel to site. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in our services or would like to share some feedback on our work. We look forward to shooting your next project.

Additionally we have over 20 years of team experience combined with shooting a variety of photography and film for outdoor and adventure trips, branding initiatives, small and big marketing content productions to portraits, event coverage and weddings. Most of our experience comes from shooting on site, using natural light and natural sound. Whatever the project is, we make sure to express its unique nature through our lenses.


About Us

Creative, high-energy videography team Producing premium-quality photos and video in extreme northern conditions. Dedicated to creating northern
life exclusive images for use on social media and in both hard copy and online magazines. Manage all facets of photo shoots including scheduling, designing sets, shooting, photo editing, collaborating with clients and team members. Strong digital/technical skills; use Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom CC daily, Premier and most other popular editing software.

Overall Team Experience


  • In-house professionals that understand Yukon way of life and Cultural sensitivities.

  • Camp and travel supplied

  • Knowledge of local community experts, guides who track activities specifically unique to the territory.

  • Knowledge of the Yukon and its people extend to the 1970s and are acquainted and known by Yukon

  • First Nation Chiefs and have access to both popular tourist and less traveled areas around the Yukon.

Contracted Art Director, Producer

  • Cast talent, hired full production team, sourced locations & dictated art direction

  • Created budgeting guidelines and handled all negotiations with production team and casting

  • Photographed, directed and handled post production of all content including video


Commercial Photography

  • Produced high-level advertising photography for major retailers and magazines.

  • Consulted directly with clients and built solid work relationships to understand their expectations and business needs.

  • Partnered with team members to recommend creative photographic solutions including set design and props.

  • Prepared set and lighting for product photography shoot to match company image, styles and standards.

  • Provided clear and patient direct supervision to support staff for preparation and assembly of sets and photo shoots as needed.

  • Collaborated with senior videographers and clients to create portfolios for commercial and industrial properties;

  • Retouched and organized image proofs using Adobe Creative Suite along with proprietary software to create bio-metric ID cards;

  • Managed photography set design, spearheading installation of lighting, props, and heavy equipment on client sites.

  • Photograph corporate events, head shot, E-Commerce and commercial shoots;

  • Perform photographic work under extreme pressure and limited time schedules;

  • Excellent collaboration with creative teams of assigned commercial projects;

  • Provide photographs in timely manner;

  • Utilize Adobe programs to cull, edit and export large amounts of photos for clients;

  • Provided photography services; for weddings, special events, family shoots and models;

Please e-mail for communications

Corporate Directors

Eileen Duchesne

Selkirk First Nation

StoryPhoto_31409 copy.jpg
Jessie Dawson

Kwanlin Dun First Nation

Cheyenne Bradley

Kwanlin Dun First Nation

Linda Benoit


Shuman Au

Executive Director - Chinese Association

Ksenia Gasp

Employed at Yukon Government

Rick Staley

Employed at Yukon Government

Larry Burton


Owner of Controls North

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