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SAGú - kéidladi k' wát' (The Seagull Egg)

A unique cultural practice of harvesting seagull eggs in southern lake region of the Yukon

Passed down from generation to generation, this short docs speaks on the topic of cultural diversity along side hunting and gathering techniques that are slowing fading throughout indigenous traditions. On a beautiful spring day, ShakatMedia was invited by an elder to witness an uncommon practice of harvesting eggs, not from a usual chicken farm, but from the land and waters of southern Yukon lakes.

This short doc reveals an uncommon practice, wisdom, and a reflection of a time now lost. Our story is to be a constant reminder that hunting and gathering among the indigenous peoples of the north were as normal as going to a grocery store in modern times.

Traditions are vast in the Yukon and are spiritually motivated in most land-based activities. Such traditions have been passed down from families to sustain a livelihood, provide survival skills and cultivate tools and knowledge that make each indigenous culture unique.

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