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Yukon Entrepreneur Documentary

Grama Treesaw Bannock

Yukon travel was essential for this project while learning about Theresa and her family. Our attention to character was rewarded by a warm welcoming as we invaded Theresas's family home in Teslin. With our lights camera and actionable equipment, her home was transformed into a film set for our crew to capture wonderful moments. The grand children were shy, but as the shoot progressed they found peace with our presence and shared in the fun of discovering Grammas special indigent. The product, set to be packaged and put on the shelves of Yukon grocery stores and beyond was tested and refined for months before signing it off to be packaged.

The film project is focused on family and a Grand Mothers dream to leave a legacy of unique indigenous products combined with a newly built business for her family to enjoy in the years ahead. Packaging was designed by a local design firm, Mammoth. There dedication to the project presented a colorful, indigenous flavored illustration and final prototype that stands out on the shelves.

Sound, lighting and film positioning reveal a beautiful memory of where the idea started and the close family ties. Our visit to Carcross explains how the product gained traction and the tasks endured to make a product and person known to throughout the Territory. This young entrepreneur harvested several workshops hosted by Yukonstruct where Theresa became skilled to a level that made her capable to package and promote her product within groceries stores

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